mother:the space heater is wobbling around because you knocked it over so much.
me:i think it sounds reassuring, like a friendly earthquake.

i want so strongly to subscribe to this view wholeheartedly

currently tabbing: “united states v. jones” on oyez, a critical analysis of “memento mori” in western culture, “realistic diction is unrealistic,” an article on why tv tropes will ruin your life, my anthropology professor’s doctoral thesis, a list of latin proverbs and their translations, and two academic papers on semiotics.

i love this man.
carnal knowledge

craving raw angry sex right now that leaves me feeling shameful and wanting more later, why do these impulses occur at the most inopportune of times


Martha Mattox in The Cat and the Canary (1927, dir. Paul Leni) (via)
“I have tried to create sets so stylized that they evince no reality…It is not extreme reality that the camera perceives, but the reality of the inner event, which is more profound, effective and moving than what we see through everyday eyes.”
-Paul Leni, Kinematograph (1924)